The CrayoNano Management Team

The CrayoNano team is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading teams within next generation nanoscale semiconductor materials and devices for optoelectronics applications.

Jo Uthus / CEO

Sveinung Ryen / COO

Bård Skogstad / CFO

Prof. Dr. Helge Weman / Founder & CSO

Dr. Ida Marie Høiaas / CTO

Dr. Michael Peil / SEVP


CrayoNano is a nanotechnology company specializing in developing optoelectronic devices based on semiconductor nanowires on graphene.

CrayoNano AS was founded in June 2012. The Company originates from several years of research at the Department of Electronic Systems at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim.

Selected articles

Epitaxially grown III-arsenide-antimonide nanowires for optoelectronic applications

Ren, DD; Ahtapodov, L; van Helvoort, ATJ; Weman, H; Fimland, BO

Nanotechnology 2019 ;Volume 30.

Single GaAs Nanowire/Graphene Hybrid Devices Fabricated by a Position-Controlled Microtransfer and an Imprinting Technique for an Embedded Structure

Mukherjee, A; Yun, H; Shin, DH; Nam, J; Munshi, AM; Dheeraj, DL; Fimland, BO; Weman, H; Kim, KS; Lee, SW; Kim, DC

Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces 2019 ;Volume 11. p. 13514-13522

GaN/AIGaN Nanocolumn Ultraviolet Light-Emitting Diode Using Double-Layer Graphene as Substrate and Transparent Electrode

Hoiaas, IM; Liudi Mulyo, A; Vullum, PE; Kim, DC; Ahtapodov, L; Fimland, BO; Kishino, K; Weman, H

Nano Letters 2019 ;Volume 19. p. 1649-1658

Vertical GaN nanocolumns grown on graphene intermediated with a thin AlN buffer layer

Liudi Mulyo, A; Rajpalke, MK; Kuroe, H; Vullum, PE; Weman, H; Fimland, BO; Kishino, K

Nanotechnology 2019 ;Volum 30.

Selective area growth of AlGaN nanopyramid arrays on graphene by metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy

Munshi, AM; Kim, DC; Heimdal, CP; Heilmann, M; Christiansen, SH; Vullum, PE; van Helvoort, ATJ; Weman, H

Applied Physics Letters 2018 ;Volume 113.

Direct Growth of AlGaN Nanorod LEDs on Graphene-Covered Si

Ren, F; Yin, Y; Wang, YY; Liu, ZQ; Liang, M; Ou, HY; Ao, JP; Wei, TB; Yan, JC; Yuan, GD; Yi, XY; Wang, JX; Li, JM; Dheeraj, DL; Weman, H

Materials 2018 ;Volume 11.

Single-Mode Near-Infrared Lasing in a GaAsSb-Based Nanowire Superlattice at Room Temperature

Ren, DD; Ahtapodov, L; Nilsen, JS; Yang, JF; Gustaisson, A; Huh, JW; Conibeer, GJ; van Helvoort, ATJ; Fimland, BO; Weman, H

Nano Letters 2018 ;Volume 18. p. 2304-2310

Growth study of self-assembled GaN nanocolumns on silica glass by plasma assisted molecular beam epitaxy

Liudi Mulyo, A; Konno, Y; Nilsen, JS; van Helvoort, ATJ; Fimland, BO; Weman, H; Kishino, K

Journal Of Crystal Growth 2017 ;Volume 480. p. 67-73

Chemical vapor deposition of graphene on platinum: Growth and substrate interaction

Nam, J; Kim, DC; Yun, H; Shin, DH; Nam, S; Lee, WK; Hwang, JY; Lee, SW; Weman, H; Kim, KS

Carbon 2017 ;Volume 111. p. 733-740

Vertically Oriented Growth of GaN Nanorods on Si Using Graphene as an Atomically Thin Buffer Layer

Heilmann, M; Munshi, AM; Sarau, G; Gobelt, M; Tessarek, C; Fauske, VT; van Helvoort, ATJ; Yang, JF; Latzel, M; Hoffmann, B; Conibeer, G; Weman, H; Christiansen, S

Nano Letters 2016 ;Volume 16. p. 3524-3532

In Situ Heat-Induced Replacement of GaAs Nanowires by Au

Fauske, VT; Huh, J; Divitini, G; Dheeraj, DL; Munshi, AM; Ducati, C; Weman, H; Fimland, BO; van Helvoort, ATJ

Nano Letters 2016 ;Volume 16. p. 3051-3057

Fabrication of Si(111) crystalline thin film on graphene by aluminum-induced crystallization

Hoiaas, IM; Kim, DC; Weman, H

Applied Physics Letters 2016 ;Volume 108.

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