Graphene Buzz June 22, 2015 | 0 Comment

For LEDs, changes in materials are cutting costs and boosting performance. That’s vital as light-emitting diodes move into new applications and general illumination, where cost is king.

Cost has played a major role in the development and advancement of LEDs. Now performance is gaining in importance.

“Where it used to be only a race about cost, now the quality and trying to get the best of what LEDs have to offer in each application, especially in lighting, is becoming critical,” said Eric Virey, senior market and technology analyst for LED devices and materials at Yole Développement.ers.


An emerging substrate possibility is graphene. Technology using this material for the growth of light-emitting semiconductor nanowires is under development by CrayoNano AS, a Trondheim, Norway-based startup. The sheets of carbon atoms that make up graphene offer some advantages, said CrayoNano Chief Technology Officer Helge Weman.