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The path is clear for disinfection

Enabling new solutions with new technology. CrayoNano is now bringing to market its technology for disinfection.

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Our first product is a radically efficient UVC LED. Vital components for the fast growing markets for disinfection.

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Form factor and performance are made for ideal integration and easy plug-in handling.

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Drink cleaner.
Breathe easier.
Meet freely.

CrayoLED® UVC LEDs made for disinfection.

CrayoNano’s novel technology aims to enable our customer’s solutions through quality and reliable products.

Our first product, the CrayoLED, is a market and application ready UVC LED. Propelling operational excellence in a pioneering fab-agile business model, unseen in the LED industry.

Creating the path for the next generation semiconductor solutions with CrayoNano’s patented and proprietary nanotechnology.

Technical data

  • LED package size 3.5 × 3.5 mm
  • Wavelength 275 nm
  • Typical driving current 350 mA
  • Maximum driving current 700 mA
  • Typical radiometric output power 70 mW
  • Maximum forward voltage 6V
  • Typical values at 350mA, Ta = 25 degrees Celsius