CrayoNano and TSLC Successful Design-In of CrayoLED for Aquaculture UV-C Sterilizer

Trondheim, Norway and ChuNan,Taiwan—2024 May 29—CrayoNano and Taiwan Semiconductor Lighting Company (TSLC) Corporation are excited to announce the successful design-in of the CrayoLED™ H-series (CLH-N3S) UV-C LED into TSLC Corporation's new, patented product made for in-line UV-C sterilization for aquarium water filtration systems. This compact, turnkey, and easy-to-install UV-C LED sterilizer is designed for algae control in aquariums, hydroponics, and various commercial aquaculture applications, prioritizing user convenience and the health and environmental quality of aquatic life. The acceptance in consumer and commercial applications marks a significant step towards broader industrial applications in larger fisheries, farms, and food production.

The UV disinfection market in aquaculture and agriculture is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 12%, reaching USD 138.53 billion by 2030 according to a market report from Coherent Market Insights, driven by the adoption of sustainable technologies for aquaculture and fish farming. As the world population grows and continued epidemics, many in the industry are looking towards UV disinfection to increase food capacity, enhance biosecurity and resiliency in our food supply and production, reduce long-term water management expenses and looking for the reduction and possible alternatives to the use of harmful chemicals and antibiotics.

Importance of Algae Control

Algae control in aquariums is crucial for maintaining a healthy aquatic environment. Excessive algae growth can deplete oxygen levels, produce toxins, and create unsightly conditions. Effective algae management reduces the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance, ensuring the well-being of fish and other aquatic life while promoting a balanced and aesthetically pleasing habitat.The required UV-C dosage to effectively kill and manage algae growth varies based on water conditions, flow rates, type of algae, and level of algae infestation. Dosages typically range from 10 to 50 millijoules per square centimeter (mJ/cm²), depending on the severity of the algae problem.

TSLC: UV-C LED Solution

TSLC's in-line UV-C LED sterilizer, powered by CrayoNano's advanced CrayoLED technology, seamlessly integrates into a wide range of commercial and consumer aquarium water filtration systems. This energy-efficient, hassle-free upgrade provides a reliable water purification solution for effective algae control. Comparative tests between traditional 11W mercury lamps and their in-line UV-C LED sterilizer in a 40-liter tank with an algae concentration of 2 milligrams per liter (mg/L) demonstrated that the UV-C LED sterilizer clears algae infestations twice as fast, achieving results in under 24 hours of continuous operation with 50 % energy savings. The CrayoLED integration ensures a longer-lasting product with the better efficacy, eliminating the environmental drawbacks associated with mercury-based products and reducing the need for chemical treatments, such as chlorine or hydrogen peroxide.

Benefits and Innovations

Along with improved algae management, UV-C LEDs offer users longer product lifetimes, energy savings, and reduced the need for maintenance. Traditional mercury lamps are not designed for frequent on/off cycles, resulting in short lifetimes of 500 to 2,000 operational hours. Additionally, some systems and housings with mercury lamps can degrade into harmful microplastics. TSLC's patented UV-C LED sterilizer prioritizes users' convenience with a product lifetime of over 10,000 hours and reduce tank cleaning maintenance requirements and frequency, instant on/off functionality, six modes to choose the ideal UV dosage for algae management for better overall tank environment quality, energy efficient and a third the size of typical lamps used in UV aquarium water filtration systems.

"We tested many UV-C LEDs during the development of our UV-C LED sterilizer. Algae have a fast growth cycle and are a nuisance for many consumers. It requires significant UV-C dosage for effective disinfection and control. We designed in the CrayoLEDs because of their power performance. When integrated into our patented chamber, our design creates a high-intensity dosage, making our UV-C LED sterilizer highly effective against algae," said Mark Chen, General Manager of TSLC.

"TSLC's UV-C LED sterilizer exemplifies an extension of our product reach beyond drinking water applications. Innovative product development and collaboration with partners to open new applications and treatments showcase the potential of UV-C LEDs as effective and sustainable solutions for water treatment and more, limited only by the imagination," said Stefan Stockbauer, Global Sales Director of CrayoNano.TSLC's UV-C LED sterilizer system leverages CrayoLED's power performance and reliable UV-C LED technology to ensure effective algae control, reducing the frequency of cleaning and maintenance for aquatic environments. The system's compact design and ease of installation make it an attractive option for both commercial and consumer applications. The acceptance in consumer and commercial applications signifies an important milestone, paving the way for broader industrial applications in larger fisheries and farms. This commercial expansion is expected to develop rapidly over the next few years, opening new business opportunities and markets.

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