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CrayoNano 專注於奈米科技,提供新一代半導體

CrayoLED covered in water droplets  stylized with a blue green gradient

CrayoLED™ H-Series (CLH-N3S) is available now

To continue the revolution of semiconductor miniaturization, our energy efficient UV-C LED enables automized solutions for water, air and surface disinfection.
Crayo LED water disinfection 03

Designed to disinfect

Our groundbreaking, patented process merges two nanomaterials — nanowires and graphene — as the foundation of a new generation of nanomaterial-based semiconductor devices
CrayoNano engineer in semiconductor cleanroom

A brighter future

CrayoNano is positioned to be an industry leader in the photonic and electronic device technologies, including UV-C LED — enabling solutions for a healthier future for everyone.
Indoor farming 3

Sustainable solutions together

Change the Future with us Collaborate with us to unleash the power of UV-C light.

CrayoNano's Latest News


23 11月 2023

CrayoNano and IRTronix sign agreement for distribution of UV-C LED components for the disinfection market


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17 11月 2023

Hergy International Corp. Design-in CrayoNano's UV-C LED into UE and UD Water Disinfection Reactors and Sign Collaboration Agreement


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15 11月 2023

CrayoNano Q3 2023 Investor Update


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14 11月 2023

CrayoNano Announces Close of Frame Contract with Unice Co., Ltd


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08 11月 2023

CrayoNano Announces Close of Frame Contract with MadrixKorea


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