CrayoNano Announces Signing EMEA Distribution Agreement with Laser Components

TRONDHEIM, Norway—CrayoNano has signed a distributor contract with Laser Components GmbH, an experienced and reputable optical and optoelectronics distributor with locations throughout Europe, UK, and North America. Today we are announcing a partnership through which Laser Components Germany GmbH will distribute the CrayoLEDTM H-series UV-C LED to customers with an initial focus on the EMEA region.

Laser Components is a well-matched partner for CrayoNano with over 40 years of experience as a distributor and solution provider in the area of optical and optoelectronic technologies, and UV-C LED expertise. Laser Components will promote and distribute our innovative CrayoLEDTM UV-C LED components to the market. Headquartered in Germany, Laser Components’ network of sales offices throughout Europe, together with their support in inventory management, logistics, and distribution, will ensure timely support and delivery of our products to our customers.

Our partnership with Laser Components not only provides easier access to our UV-C LED components but also adds significant value through their expertise in optical and optoelectronic technologies. With their product technical support and supply-chain optimization solutions, CrayoNano's customers can accelerate their product development for water, air, and surfaces disinfection applications.

“By working with Laser Components, we will continue to focus on product development and quality assurance while they handle the distribution process for new customers and new markets in their network,” says Stefan Stockbauer, Director of Sales.

Following our go-to-market strategy, we aim to enhance our business ramp-up by partnering with an experienced distributor who specializes in engineering and photonics. This strategic move will not only help us to strengthen our foothold in our local market of EMEA but also establish a significant presence in our key growth markets, particularly North America. The inclusion of such a partner will enable us to provide exceptional service to our existing customers while also expanding our customer base.

Stockbauer continues, “We believe that this partnership will strengthen our position in the market and provide better value to our customers. We look forward to a successful collaboration between Laser Components and CrayoNano.”

“CrayoNano’s novel approach to UV LEDs is exactly the type of cutting-edge technology our customers expect to find in our portfolio. Laser Components has championed UV LED technology for many years and the fact that CrayoNano have chosen us as their distribution channel is proof that this engagement is being recognized.” says Sven Schreiber, head of sales at Laser Components.

About CrayoNano

Founded in 2012, CrayoNano develops and manufactures nanomaterials-based semiconductor components using proprietary technologies. Headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, CrayoNano’s innovative semiconductor components advance global solutions in health and safety, water purification, consumer, and industrial applications, and more. CrayoNano is registered on Euronext OTC in Norway under the ticker “CNANO”.

About Laser Components

Since its establishment in 1982, Laser Components has always defined itself as a solution provider for optical and optoelectronic technologies. The customer spectrum of the owner-managed family company covers all industries that utilize light. With more than 270 employees at seven locations, the company group generates around 60 percent of its sales with products from its own production including laser optics, avalanche photodiodes, pulsed laser diodes, IR detectors, laser modules, photon counters and fiber optic assemblies.

Customers' requirements are the main focus in all company divisions. Laser Components always works in close coordination with the customer to develop solutions that are perfectly matched to the desired application – even for the most challenging projects. Collaboration between technical sales, development and production departments allows for fast processing and a short time-to-market.


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