CrayoNano AS and DUVROO Inc. Signs Commercial Frame Contract for sales of CrayoLED™ UV-C LEDs for use in Republic of Korea

Trondheim, Norway / Chuncheon, South Korea

CrayoNano is pleased to announce the signing of a commercial frame-contract between CrayoNano and DUVROO Inc., for sales of UV-C LED components valued at about 2 million NOK over the next 12 months.

DUVROO Inc. is an emerging South Korean supplier of medical devices, in beauty and health technology as well as food and agriculture. DUVROO Inc has designed-in the CrayoLED™ UV-C LED for medical and healthcare applications. The frame contract offers additional opportunities to increase the value beyond the minimum amount.

"We are very excited for this great opportunity to partner with DUVROO, an emerging and innovative Korean company. With a solid foundation in medical and industrial expertise, we look forward to advancing UV-C LEDs in new applications within everyday life, " said Jo Uthus, CEO of CrayoNano.

“DUVROO is poised to revolutionize the healthcare, medical, and food-agriculture technology landscape. After conducting extensive research to identify the ideal partner, we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with CrayoNano. Together, we aim to introduce innovative products and unlock novel applications in this field,” said Evelyn Choi, CEO of DUVROO.

Media Relations, CrayoNano AS
Camly Doan, Head of Marketing

Media Relations, DUVROO Inc
Evelyn Choi, CEO of DUVROO

About CrayoNano:

CrayoNano develops and manufactures nanomaterials-based semiconductor components using proprietary technologies. Headquartered in Trondheim, Norway with a branch office in Taiwan, CrayoNano supports our customers with global sales representatives and distributors in EMEA, APAC and Americas. CrayoNano’s innovative semiconductor components advance global solutions in health and safety, water purification, consumer, and industrial applications, and more. CrayoNano is registered on Euronext OTC in Norway under the ticker “CNANO”.

About DUVROO Inc.

DUVROO Inc., headquartered in Chuncheon, South Korea, is a convergent photonics company at the forefront of pioneering eco-friendly solutions to enhance efficiency across diverse industries. Operating from the specialized regulatory-free zone (G-Free Zone) in Chuncheon, DUVROO is committed to promoting sustainable progress in photo-optical applications, extending its impact beyond traditional sectors like Health and Beauty, UV coating, and Food and Agriculture. Under the leadership of a young female entrepreneur with expertise in biomedical engineering, and supported by a team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the MedTech industry, DUVROO not only develops in-house products but also forges partnerships across various industries to provide advanced solutions.

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