CrayoNano Secures Third Design-in Partnership in APAC with YuGuang Electronics Co., Ltd Targeting Water Disinfection Technologies

Trondheim, Norway—CrayoNano has finalized a third design-in partnership in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region with YuGuang Electronics Co., Ltd., a leader in LED module and light engine manufacturing. This partnership aims to strengthen CrayoNano's operations and market presence in the water disinfection sector, focusing on light engine modules for Point-of-Use (PoU) and Point-of-Entry (POE) technologies. 

YuGuang Electronics, with many years of experience supplying system integrators and Tier 1 OEMs in the water disinfection market, brings manufacturing and engineering expertise, including LED module and light engine assembly. The collaboration aims to broaden CrayoNano's product distribution network and provide our global customers access to additional resources to accelerate the development and market deployment of UV-C LED water disinfection systems, ultimately contributing to solutions for sustainable, efficient and safe water consumption.

Stefan Stockbauer, Global Sales Director of CrayoNano, commented on the partnership, "We are very excited for the partnership with YuGuang Electronics. By combining our high-performing CrayoLED technology with their engineering and manufacturing expertise, our strengthen our commitment and services to system integrator customers with top-quality UV-C LED light engines and modules. This partnership is poised to equip our customers both within the region and globally with solutions tailored to meet their specific needs."

As CrayoNano expands its operations in the APAC region together with YuGuang Electronic's business focus in the Asia Pacific region, we recognize the significant opportunities that this partnership will provide. This includes an intention to support YuGuang's entry into the European market with their light engines designed with CrayoNano’s CrayoLED technology, access to new and strategic markets, and the ability to accelerate technology adoption in applications within the fast-growing disinfection market. CrayoNano remains committed to improving water safety and quality globally to meet customer needs and deliver value to our investors.

About CrayoNano

CrayoNano develops and manufactures nanomaterials-based semiconductor components using proprietary technologies. Headquartered in Trondheim, Norway with a branch office in Taiwan, CrayoNano supports our customers with global sales representatives and distributors in EMEA, APAC and Americas. CrayoNano’s innovative semiconductor components advance global solutions in health and safety, water purification, consumer, and industrial applications, and more. CrayoNano is registered on Euronext OTC in Norway under the ticker “CNANO”.