CrayoNano's UV-C LED Technology Achieves Remarkable Lifetime Data Beyond Nominal Operating Conditions

Trondheim, Norway—CrayoNano, a global leader in UV-C LED technology, announces performance data obtained from Room Temperature Operating Life (RTOL) testing at driving currents of 500 mA and 700 mA, conditions beyond recommended nominal operating conditions. Through rigorous testing as part of our continuous improvement process, CrayoNano's CrayoLED™CLH-N3S H-Series UV-C LED has demonstrated outstanding performance, achieving an estimated lifetime of over 8000 hours of operational durability at 500 mA and more than 4,000 hours at 700 mA. This remarkable achievement solidifies our position as an industry frontrunner, offering UV-C LED components that exceed market demands for the disinfection of water, air and surface.

The Room Temperature Operating Life (RTOL) test, conducted in adherence to the EIAJ-ED-4701/100(101) standard, is an accepted methodology for evaluating the output power maintenance of LED packages. CrayoNano's aim with this test was to gather comprehensive data and provide our customers with undeniable evidence of the performance and resilience of our CrayoLED under demanding operating conditions, found often in disinfection applications and enable future automation of carefree, UV-C disinfection solutions. 

The CrayoLED CLH-N3S has an estimated lifetime of over 8000 hours, which is extrapolated based on 3000 hours of testing and measurements at 500 mA. It maintains a strong performance, with an average output of over 80%. This is in accordance with the standards set by EIAJ-ED-4701/100(101) procedure. This exceptional output retention showcases the high standard for reliability and robustness of our UV-C LED components, further solidifying CrayoNano's commitment to delivering high-quality, dependable products. 

In addition to our groundbreaking achievements, we have conducted further tests at 700 mA, yielding exceptional results that position CrayoNano as a market leader. These tests have demonstrated the unparalleled performance of our CrayoLED, showcasing its endurance and efficiency under rigorous conditions. Our UV-C LEDs have achieved test results that are leading in the market under demanding conditions, offering our partners and customers top-of-the-line UV-C LED components for their disinfection systems. Data and more information is available, please reach out to our sales team here. (Link landing page will be put here)

Furthermore, this reliability data reinforces our customers' confidence in CrayoNano's CrayoLED product quality, but it also streamlines the design-in and product qualification processes, allowing for efficient integration and faster time-to-market. 

CrayoNano is dedicated to pioneering solutions for a safer future. Our commitment extends to environmental responsibility and sustainability. 

The CrayoLED UV-C LED, with an estimated lifetime of over 8000 hours, validated through rigorous testing at 500 mA and 700 mA, showcases exceptional durability. This is crucial for applications like industrial and municipal water treatment, where sustained and reliable UV-C disinfection is essential. Municipal water treatment facilities benefit from our UV-C LEDs, offering extended operational life, reducing replacements and chemical usage for an efficient water disinfection solution. The Room Temperature Operating Life (RTOL) test results provide evidence of the LED's robustness, making it a reliable choice for automating UV-C disinfection solutions. CrayoNano remains committed to delivering high-quality UV-C LED components, empowering water treatment industry customers to achieve effective disinfection results. By leveraging UV-C LED technology, we contribute to a healthier future, reducing reliance on harmful chemicals and ensuring safe, efficient disinfection for potential automated applications.

Through our dedicated team of experts, strategic partnerships, and our unwavering commitment to excellence, we are driving innovation and setting new standards in reliability, efficiency, and performance. "Hergy has designed in CrayoNano's UV-C LED into our UD and UE water reactor product series; our bioassay tests confirm the CrayoLED's exceptional disinfection performance in combination with our patented water reactor technology. The robust lifetime data results reinforce our confidence in our partnership with CrayoNano," says Mr. Steven Luo, CEO of Hergy International Corp.

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CrayoNano is a global leader in UV-C LED technology, dedicated to delivering innovative and reliable solutions for a safer and healthier future. With a firm commitment to excellence, our UV-C LEDs surpass industry standards, offering superior performance, efficiency, and longevity. Through strategic partnerships and our unwavering focus on advancement, CrayoNano is at the forefront of UV-C LED technology, driving innovation and setting new industry benchmarks. For more information, visit