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Transforming Disinfection: Explore our Robust and Reliable UV-C LED

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CrayoLED™ (CLH-N3S) UV-C LED Highlights:

• Exceptional Lifetime: RTOL testing at 500 mA and 700 mA reveals over 8000 hours of estimated lifetime.

• Efficiency Under Rigorous Conditions: Tests at 700 mA position CrayoNano as a market leader.

• Industry Leadership: Adherence to EIAJ-ED-4701/100(101) standard sets new standards for reliability.

• Versatile Applications: Crucial for water treatment, ensuring sustained UV-C disinfection with reduced replacements and chemical usage.

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CrayoLED™ H-Series (CLH-N3S)

CrayoLED UV-C LED Inside used in a water faucet

UV-C LED Applications

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