CrayoNano introduces a new patented hybrid material with unique properties. This is obtained by growing semiconductor
nanowires on graphene.

This is an important scientific breakthrough, since earlier attempts to grow epitaxial semiconductor thin films, like e.g. silicon and GaAs, on graphitic substrates have not yet been successful. The model is general, and thus applicable for all semiconductor materials.

Our research team has developed a novel technique that enables growth of vertically aligned and self-catalyzed nanowires on graphite and graphene.
This new hybrid material has excellent properties and is verified by demonstrating the growth of vertically aligned GaAs nanowires on graphene.
The responsivity of the GaAs nanowire device is estimated to be ∼30 mA/W which is 3 orders of magnitude larger than previously reported for a single GaAs nanowire. Our nanowires demonstrate no degradation in the optoelectronic material quality, as compared to GaAs nanowires grown on GaAs substrates.
Our technology platform is protected through 5 priority patents. The underlying results have recently been published in the American journal Nano Letters.