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Pioneering a Healthier Future

Our vision at CrayoNano is to enable solutions for a more sustainable and healthier life for everyone.

Crayo LED on finger

Our mission

We develop nanomaterial-based semiconductors that contribute to solutions toward global environment and health challenges. Our first product is a UV-C LED targeted for the fast-growing market of disinfection for air, water, and surfaces.

Crayo Nano TRD office

About us

Established in 2012 and headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, CrayoNano is a fab-lite semiconductor company, specializing in nanomaterials-based semiconductor components. In addition to our offices in Norway, we have established a branch and cleanroom in Hsinchu, Taiwan with its well-established technology infrastructure and semiconductor community.

CrayoLED LED package component on green leaf

Our values

We are pioneers. We are co-creators. We are solution driven.
We deliver reliable solutions, fast and on time, through clear planning, open communication and collaboration, and dedicated responsibilities. We want to contribute and enable sustainable solutions through conscientious design and ESG - driven principles.

Management team

  • Jo Uthus

    Jo Uthus

  • Jens Kielland

    Jens Kielland

  • Michael peil

    Dr. Michael Peil

    SEVP & CRO

"The need for commercial UV-C LED technology to improve quality of life is our driving force."

Jo Uthus, CrayoNano CEO

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