CrayoLED™ is a powerful UV-C LED in the class of 100 mW, 5 % wall-plug efficiency and 275 nm peak wavelength at 350 mA. The small package footprint easily integrates into disinfection, curing, and analytical applications.

Our CrayoLED™ is designed to disinfect and meet the highest standards of disinfection, with a powerful virucidal output at 275 nm. Using TM-21 modeling, we have extrapolated an L70 lifetime of over 10,000 hours at 350 mA with a solder temperature of 38 °C. The CrayoLED™ is a highly reliable, efficient and long-lasting solution, ideal for fast-growing disinfection applications. 

The CrayoLED™ is more than a powerful LED but extremely robust and reliable when operated beyond our standard conditions. The CrayoLED’s high drive current capacity offers performance and flexibility for our customers without sacrificing quality or lifetime as substantiated by externally confirmed results from an accredited third-party test lab. 

Overall, the CrayoLED™ is an exceptional product that combines powerful disinfecting capabilities with high output power and wall-plug efficiency. It is designed to meet the needs of our customers' applications and provide reliable, long-lasting performance.


High performance and quality

The core design principles of our CrayoLED™ is the use of high-quality materials ideal for UV-C LED applications. We collaborate and understand our customers' needs for performance and reliability. Our LED utilizes an Aluminium Nitride (AlN) substrate for its excellent thermal properties, a built-in ESD protection device, and UV-C transparent quartz glass.


Enabling new applications

We have all experienced the need for better water, air, and surface applications. CrayoLED™ constant, pure UV output at 275 nm (typical peak wavelength), is ideal for disinfection applications.  It enables better and more sustainable solutions to accelerate the adoption of UV-C LED disinfection.


Power your product

We are excited to co-create and collaborate with our customers as partners and design our LEDs for your modules and systems. 

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CrayoLED™ UV-C LED H-Series (CLH-N3S)

LED package size (LxWxH)

3.5 × 3.5 x 1.26 mm

Typical peak wavelength

275 nm

Typical radiometric output power

100 mW @ 350 mA (140 mW at 500 mA)

Nominal driving current

350 mA

Maximum driving current

500 mA

Typical forward voltage

6 V¹

¹ Typical values at Ta = 25 °C
RoHS and REACH compliant

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of environmental responsibility and sustainability. Our dedication to compliance with RoHS and REACH regulations is a testament to this commitment. We understand the importance of protecting our planet and ensuring the safety and health of our customers, employees, and communities. Therefore, we continuously strive to minimize the environmental impact of our products and operations by adopting sustainable practices and complying with all relevant regulations. Our commitment to RoHS and REACH compliance reflects our values and our vision for a healthier, more sustainable future for all.

Ray files (low resolution)

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  • Yes, our CrayoLED™ is RoHS and REACH compliant. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of environmental responsibility and sustainability. The certificates can be found on our FILES page.

  • The total system design—thermal management, power design, and module design—directly contributes and effects the UV-C LED product lifetime.

    Using TM-21 modeling, we have extrapolated an L70 lifetime of over 10,000 hours at standard operating conditions. In our testing, the CrayoLED™ running continuously for over 3,000 hours at 350 mA and more than 3,000 hours at 500 mA and 700 mA, with a solder temperature of 38 °C. 

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  • Our LEDs are measured using a pulsed forward current of 350 mA, then are binned and sorted by peak wavelength, output power, and forward voltage. Our bin tables can be found in our datasheet.

  • The CrayoLED™ has a nominal driving current of 350 mA and a maximum driving current of 500 mA. Running LEDs at their maximum values will have an effect on the overall performance and lifetime. Product performance and reliability depends on the overall system design—including (but not limited to) thermal management, optical design, and assembly processes and materials.

    In our testing, the CrayoLED™ has been running continuously for over 6,000 hours at 350 mA and more than 3,000 hours at 500 mA, with a solder temperature of just 37.8 °C. This performance highlights the robustness and reliability of the CrayoLED™.

  • We are happy to share with you the ray files for the CrayoLED™ H-series (CLH-N3S). Due to the large file size, please contact our support team at for further assistance.

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