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Cleaner water. Healthier air. Safer food. CrayoNano’s technology can be used to improve people's lives.

UV-C light is a well-studied disinfectant used against bacteria, viruses, mold and spores—and commonly used in many disinfection applications today. The power of UV-C light breaks down pathogens, preventing them from replicating and inducing illness.

Population density and resource scarcity requires novel approaches for efficient, resource-friendly, and cost saving solutions to automate disinfection processes.

Our nano-hybrid UV-C LED is more reliable, longer lasting, and an order of magnitude more cost efficient. Our LED is optimized for integration, empowering a better solution for disinfection systems.

Ways to Use UVC LED


Water Treatment

Existing water treatment often uses hazardous chemicals. CrayoNano’s UV-C LED is a clean, environmentally friendly alternative.


Surface Disinfection

In high contact and traffic areas, UV-C LED can enable an automized disinfecting solutions to provide a safe environment to meet and interact.


Air Disinfection

Small, compact UV-C LEDs can help eliminate airborne pathogens and odor causing bacteria, making multi-family housing and shared workplaces safer.


Food Processing

UV-C LED technology can improve food packaging and preservation, reducing the need for expensive processes that utilize high temperatures and chemical treatments.