Meet freely, drink cleaner, breathe fresher, eat better. CrayoNano’s technology can be used in a range of applications, starting in the area of disinfection.

UVC light is a well-studied disinfectant against bacteria, viruses, mold and spores. And commonly used in many disinfection applications today. The power of UVC light breaks down DNA, RNA, and damages cellular structures to prevent pathogens from reproducing and inducing illness.

Existing technologies are either inefficient, too expensive or both. We can solve these fundamental problems and enable the market because our nano-hybrid UVC LED has better reliability, longer lifetime and price-performance improved by 10 times.

Ways to use UVC LED

Drinking water purification

Most existing water treatments use toxic chemicals. CrayoNano can replace this with a clean, ESG friendly, cost-efficient UVC LED.

Surface disinfection

In much needed high contact and traffic areas, UVC light can provide a safe environment to meet and interact safely and freely.

Air purification

Dense urban population results in poorer air quality. Small, compact UVC LEDs can help eliminate airborne pathogens and odor causing bacteria.

Food processing

UVC LED technology can innovate the food supply chain by improving food processing, packaging, and preservation for a sustainable handling of nutrition.