CrayoNano is about to revamp the UV LED industry with a technology
based on a unique method of growing nanowires on graphene.

Being transparent to all wavelengths, graphene represents the ideal substrate and transparent contact for ultraviolet light emitting diodes (UV LEDs).

Nanowires on graphene enables critical improved internal quantum efficiency, operating lifetime, and reliability, especially for UVC. The result is UV LEDs with higher efficiency at significantly lower cost, resulting in a reduced cost performance ratio of more than a factor of 10. The cost performance ratio is defined as the price paid per watt of UVC output.

Improving efficiency, reducing the energy consumption, and introducing this cost advantage will radically enable new applications and improve critical applications such as water and food processing disinfection, air purification and environmental monitoring and life science measurements. In addition, the use of the graphene substrate technology allows for substantial cost reduction of the UVC LED manufacturing process.

CrayoNano is working to shut the door on mercury arc lamps used for UV today and be the technology leader in a huge and fast-growing market.

Change the UV LED future with us

CrayoNano develops the UV LED technology for your future.

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