Partner Reference Designs

We are excited to feature our partners' reference designs, showcasing successful integrations of our technology in their solutions. These examples demonstrate the versatility and impact of our CrayoLED UV-C LEDs in various applications for water, air and surface disinfection.

Please note, these products belong to our partners and are not sold by us. Through these collaborations, we're driving progress and excited to be setting new standards in the industry.

UV-C LED Light Engine Modules

High power and reliable performance, UV-C LED light engine modules designed for easy integration for water, air and surface disinfection systems, featuring our CrayoLED, 275nm UV-C LED. 


UV-C LED lamps designed for a highly concentrated irradiance to deliver high doses to for surface disinfection and industrial adhesive curing. 

UV-C LED Drinking Water Reactors

Full turnkey solutions for Point-of-Use (PoU) and Point-of-Entry (PoE) integrating our CrayoLED UV-C LED enabling sustainable water treatment solutions for residential and commercial market segments.

CrayoNano's Partner Network

CrayoNano's Partners are UV-C LED industry pioneers and leaders in their field and applications. Reach out to our Partners today for more information about their designs and services. 

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