CrayoNano awarded NOK 14 million in grant from the Norwegian Research Council

Trondheim – 10 December 2021. Today, the Norwegian Research Council of Norway announced the award of NOK 14 million in grant to CrayoNano for the project titled "UV-C LED using nanowires-on-graphene".

“This shows the interest and support of CrayoNano and our disruptive technology. There is a real need for better disinfection solutions, and this grant re-affirms CrayoNano’s vision for a sustainable and healthier future for all.” said Jo Uthus CEO of CrayoNano.

The research council awarded project funding of 5 projects in the category of “radical innovation projects” totaling NOK 50 million.

In a generic statement, CEO of the research council, Mari Sundli Tveit states:

“This is the first round of awards for radically disruptive projects in the research council’s new initiative on technology convergence within enabling technologies”

"The projects awarded enables companies to develop results and technology for future innovations. Radical technology innovations are crucial for the success of the massive shift we are about to go through”

CrayoNano has long been supported by European soft-funding programs, enabling a broad patent portfolio and a strong technology platform. In addition to the grants from the Norwegian Research Council, CrayoNano was chosen as 1 of 38 companies among a total of 4230 applicants to EUs Horizon-program and was awarded ca NOK 25 million in late 2020.

Additionally, the EIC Fund, the funding partner of the Horizon program, is ready to invest an additional NOK 50 million kroner in equity within the next 12 months.

About the grant (Norwegian article): Forskningrådet - 50 millioner til radikale innovasjonsprosjekter i fem bedrifter

About CrayoNano

CrayoNano specializes in UVC LED packaged chips for disinfection of water, surface and air based on a breakthrough, patented technology combining Graphene and nanostructures.

The company is headquartered in Trondheim, Norway applying a fab-lite model with a global supply-chain and world-wide footprint to provide our OEM customers new semiconductor devices that enable new industrial and consumer product solutions in health & safety, water purification, life science, white goods, and automotive industries. CrayoNano is registered on OTC in Norway under the ticker: CNANO