CrayoNano establishes a branch in Taiwan - the leading chip manufacturing market in the world

Trondheim, Norway / Hsinchu, Taiwan

CrayoNano (NOTC:CNANO) has expanded its operations and established a branch in Taiwan on February 1st, 2022. The Taiwan branch is located in the city of Hsinchu with its well-established technology infrastructure and semiconductor community.

“CrayoNano is entering a global market with our UV-C LED technology. Securing access to the world’s largest market for manufacturing of semiconductor components is essential for our success. Our Asian operations in Taiwan will be key going forward,” says CEO Jo Uthus in CrayoNano.

Access to the talent
CrayoNano has learned from the past 9-12 months of covid-restrictions and global semiconductor supply-chain constraints, that control of supply-chain and partnering is an opportunity to leverage for the acceleration and the commercialization of its UV-C LED products for disinfection. Seeing the continuation of restrictions in the start of 2022 validates the acceleration strategy of CrayoNano to take stronger control of the supply-chain.

“By establishing in Taiwan, CrayoNano gets access to the talent and equipment in the region to execute the acceleration of our go-to-market plan. The proximity to supply-chain and R&D-partners are crucial for releasing CrayoNano’s disruptive nanotechnology-based UV-C LED products and will give us the agility to respond quickly to market changes,” says Uthus.

“Positioning for scalability and growth”
The CrayoNano Taiwan branch will be established as “CrayoNano Fab2” with a dedicated clean-room for full nanowire chip development, processing and packaging capabilities, allowing quick-turn technology transfers to high volume UV LED foundries. These additional resources will fast-track industrialization and customization of products based on customer and local market requirements. CrayoNano will leverage existing facilities and manufacturing equipment from its development partners to shorten the time to become operational and reduce the CAPEX requirements.

“We are setting aggressive milestones for the CrayoNano fab2 to become fully operational during this year with Quality Assurance and testing, order fulfillment and technology development. As we are also extending our “Fab 1” operations in Trondheim, Norway with staff and equipment, we are positioning for massive scalability and growth in the next years to come,” says Uthus.

CrayoNano’s key Asia-Pacific operations will also include sales, marketing and technology development.

CEO Jo Uthus
Phone: +47 72 90 98 60

About CrayoNano
CrayoNano develops and manufactures semiconductor components based on our expertise and technology in nanomaterials. With on our patented and proprietary technology, our first application targets the fast-growing disinfection market with high quality and performance driven UV-C LEDs.

The company is headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, applying a fab-lite model with a global supply-chain and worldwide footprint to provide our customers with innovative semiconductor devices. Our vision is to enable new applications and solutions in health & safety, water purification, life sciences, consumer and industrial goods, and automotive industries. CrayoNano is registered on OTC in Norway under the ticker: CNANO.