CrayoNano increases patent portfolio for nanowire UV-C LED chips by 180+ additional patents through licensing agreement

Trondheim, Norway

CrayoNano (NOTC:CNANO) has signed a licensing agreement with a renowned LED industry player. Under this agreement, CrayoNano will have access to and use of more than 180 patents particularly in LED chip processing, fabrication, packaging, and manufacturing – supplementing CrayoNano’s patent portfolio covering nanowire and graphene-based technologies in general and UV-C LED products specifically.

The license agreement triples CrayoNano’s patent portfolio to more than 300 patents covering UV-C and LED technology. Under this IP license agreement, CrayoNano is expanding its Intellectual Property with complementary technology required for the industrialization of the company’s nanowire and hybrid material technology in mass-market, high-volume disinfecting UV-C LED products.

“The additional patents and technology enables strong protection in the market for UV-C LED products, and the access to high volume manufacturing know-how and technology. This will fast track the industrialization of our technology into the planned multi-million unit manufacturing capability in-line with CrayoNano’s fab-lite business model,” says CEO Jo Uthus of CrayoNano.

The commercial details of the agreement will not be disclosed by either party. CrayoNano is committed to technology innovation and developments to deliver cutting edge semiconductor components to our customers, putting CrayoNano in a position to accelerate the UV-C LED market adoption.


CEO Jo Uthus
Phone: +47 72 90 98 60

About CrayoNano

CrayoNano develops and manufactures semiconductor components based on our expertise and technology in nanomaterials. With on our patented and proprietary technology, our first application targets the fast-growing disinfection market with high quality and performance driven UV-C LEDs.

The company is headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, applying a fab-lite model with a global supply-chain and worldwide footprint to provide our customers with innovative semiconductor devices. Our vision is to enable new applications and solutions in health & safety, water purification, life sciences, consumer and industrial goods, and automotive industries. CrayoNano is registered on OTC in Norway under the ticker: CNANO.