CrayoNano's CrayoLED™ H-series tested at 500 mA—140 mW with L70 > 4,000 hours

TRONDHEIM, Norway—CrayoNano, a leading provider of UV-C LED technology, today announces a significant performance improvement of our CrayoLEDTM H-series UV-C LED. Recent testing results show an impressive radiometric output power of 140 mW at 500 mA high current driving. Additional ongoing L70 testing exhibits an estimated lifetime of over 4,000 hours based on the TM-21 model, making it ideal for applications that require effective pathogen inactivation.

The CrayoLEDTM is an incredibly durable and high-powered LED that achieves a wall-plug efficiency (WPE) of 4.7 % when operated at 500 mA, making it an all-around effective solution for UV-C LED disinfection. When using the CrayoLEDTM at the rated drive current of 350 mA or maximum rated 500 mA drive current condition, the loss of efficiency is only 0.3 %. The CrayoLED's ability to convert light efficiently demonstrates CrayoNano's commitment to prioritizing quality and performance in the product line.

At CrayoNano, we strongly believe in putting our customers first. We take the time to understand their specific needs and the challenges they face, so that we can provide tailored solutions that meet and exceed their expectations. This customer-centric philosophy is at the core of everything we do and is reflected in our CrayoLEDTM product line. By combining cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of our customers' applications, we are able to deliver a high-quality product that is both reliable and innovative.

The CrayoLED's design uses high-quality materials optimized for UV-C LED applications, along with advanced assembly and process technologies, resulting in an optimized LED designed to disinfect. This approach has resulted in the CrayoLED's great lifetime capacity, enabling reliable operation even at higher currents beyond standard operating conditions. Externally conducted testing by an accredited third-party test lab confirms CrayoNano’s internal results with an industry defining L70 lifetime of > 4,000 hours for the CrayoLEDTM. It has proven 140 mW performance, robustness and capacity to operate at 500 mA with a solder temperature (Ts) of 39 °C. With our dedication to continuous development efforts, the CrayoLEDTM is a long-lasting and high-quality solution that can meet the demanding disinfection application requirements.

The CrayoLEDTM allows customers a high degree of design in options, without compromising quality or lifetime. The optimization of performance can be achieved by choosing different operating conditions as required by the application. This opens new opportunities for product design, such as high irradiance delivery, optical component integrations, and thermal management design. It also enables new applications levels, such as municipal drinking water treatment reactors, larger area surface disinfection in transportation and industrial UV curing applications using functional coatings, and energy-saving curing solutions for specialty coatings and MaaS (mobility as a service). With the CrayoLEDTM, you get predictable UV-C emission over the lifespan of the system, which is crucial for maintaining efficacy.

Alejandro Basauri, CPO at CrayoNano, says, "Our commitment to continuously develop and manufacture a radically different UV-C LED is driven by feedback from our customers and our focus on quality and concurrent engineering principles to make an impact on the environment and society. With the CrayoLEDTM, we can open new possibilities for applications beyond disinfection, including emerging markets like automated disinfection solutions that require energy-saving, low-maintenance solutions, and UV curing solutions for specialty coatings.”

The CrayoLEDTM offers customers unparalleled advantages in demanding disinfection applications, making it the ideal choice for the growth market of efficient disinfection applications where performance and reliability are crucial. By combining the CrayoLED's UV-C LED 140 mW performance and longevity, it offers a versatile and robust solution to enable markets and new applications beyond commercial consumer water treatment applications. With the CrayoLEDTM, customers can expect efficient disinfection performance and reliability, making it a trusted choice for customers operating in demanding environments. By leveraging the features of the CrayoLEDTM, customers who are looking to adopt UV-C LED disinfection can improve their productivity, reduce their costs, and streamline their operations, providing a competitive edge in the market.

Availability and Pricing

CrayoLEDTM H-series (CLH-N3S) is available in both sample quantities and in stock for volume production. For datasheets, pricing, and order information, please visit our website and reach out to our team for more information. (

At CrayoNano, we focus to bring continuous development and new technology to the market. Our team is dedicated to provide innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers, and we take pride in delivering exceptional products and services that exceed their expectations. With this, we commit to deliver product quality, performance and continuous developments to our customers.

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Founded in 2012, CrayoNano develops and manufactures nanomaterials-based semiconductor components using proprietary technologies. Headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, CrayoNano has expanded with a subsidiary in Taiwan and supporting customers globally with sales representatives in EMEA, APAC and Americas. CrayoNano’s innovative semiconductor components advance global solutions in health and safety, water purification, consumer, and industrial applications, and more. CrayoNano is registered on Euronext OTC in Norway under the ticker “CNANO”.

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